Meet the members of CJN Tomorrow

Meet the members of CJN Tomorrow

CJN Tomorrow provides Cleveland Jewish community members between 18 and 40 with an opportunity to advise the Cleveland Jewish News on coverage, events, publications and distribution channels with the goal of increasing overall engagement and readership.

What does being a member of the Jewish community mean to you?

Being a member of the Jewish community means being a part of a larger collective dedicated to preserving values that resonate with me and my family. It means contributing to our future to ensure that the next generation has access to the same vibrant resources that enrich our lives every day.

What Jewish organizations are you involved with?

The Jewish Federation of Cleveland, YLD, and the Cleveland Partnership Minyan, NCJW

Why do you stay involved in the Jewish community?

I stay involved in the Jewish community because I see the inherent value in being a part of something bigger than myself. Our strong Jewish institutions will only remain strong if we each do our part to ensure their survival.

How do your friends and family shape your Jewish involvement?

I want my son to have the same rich Jewish upbringing that I had. I want him to be proud of his religious and cultural heritage, and I want him to be able to forge his own Jewish future, having the skills and tools needed to make thoughtful decisions. Being a part of our Jewish community helps ensure that he will have those opportunities.

Why is CJN Tomorrow important and what do you hope to accomplish through it?

Having a central local Jewish newspaper ensure that everyone is part of the same conversation. It informs the community and shapes the community dialogue. I find out about events happening in my neighborhood that I might not know about otherwise. It also helps me get a sense of what issues are of relevance to the people living here. 

What do you like about the Cleveland Jewish News?

I appreciate how CJN is able to tie national or international news to our local community, like how the opioid epidemic is impacting local families. I think the Jewish community in Cleveland can feel a little insular. It is important for people to see that national trends have an impact on local lives and local politics. 

What is your favorite activity to do in Cleveland?

Exploring trails on the Emerald Necklace 

What is your favorite Jewish tradition?

Blessing the children Friday night.

What is your favorite Israel moment?

A Swedish tourist didn't have enough money to pay for some spices at the shuk in Jerusalem. I could see how distraught she was trying to pay with Euro. I paid for it for her and wished her a Shabbat Shalom. She kissed me on both cheeks. I don't think she was Jewish. I hope she left with a better opinion of Jews and Israelis from that small act.

What is your favorite Jewish holiday and why?

Sukkot. I love being outside.

What is your favorite Jewish food?

Chicken soup. It might not be Jewish in origin, but I think we perfected it.

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