Meet the members of CJN Tomorrow

Meet the members of CJN Tomorrow

CJN Tomorrow provides Cleveland Jewish community members between 18 and 40 with an opportunity to advise the Cleveland Jewish News on coverage, events, publications and distribution channels with the goal of increasing overall engagement and readership.

What does being a member of the Jewish community mean to you?

Always knowing I have a place for Shabbat dinner, meaningful organizations to support, and a happy hour to attend.

What Jewish organizations are you involved with?

Joseph and Florence Mandel Jewish Day School; Anti-Defamation League; Hebrew Free Loan Association; Jewish Federation of Cleveland; and Cleveland Jewish News.

Why do you stay involved in the Jewish community?

In order to give back to and help sustain a community that has afforded me so many wonderful experiences and opportunities. I hope my contributions to the community today will ensure that others in the future will be able to benefit from this community as much as I have.

How do your friends and family shape your Jewish involvement?

My family laid the foundation that encourages my involvement and the friends I have made along the way remind me of the meaningful impact that results from being actively involved, not just on the macro level with contributing to the community but also on the personal, micro level.

Why is CJN Tomorrow important and what do you hope to accomplish through it?

It is easy to lose sight of how varied and wide-reaching our community is when we are all involved and focused on just a few elements of it at a time. The CJN helps keep us all aware of the happenings of the rest of the community, so I hope CJN Tomorrow will help the younger generations access the CJN to remain engaged with the community.

What do you like about the Cleveland Jewish News?

Hands down, my favorite part of the Cleveland Jewish News is reading the letters to the editor and hearing the many voices of our community. I also like catching up on the general local news about our community, seeing if anyone I know is celebrating a happy life cycle event, and reading theater critic Bob Abelman's take on the latest shows in town.

What is your favorite activity to do in Cleveland?

Spend a lazy summer afternoon on the lakefront at Edgewater Park.

What is your favorite Jewish tradition?

Aside from everyone at the family dinner table talking over each other, my favorite tradition is probably when my parents bless me before Shabbat dinner. As a kid I'd roll my eyes, but with how busy life can get at times now, I feel so fortunate when I get to share Shabbat dinner with my family and just be their kid for moment.

What is your favorite Israel moment?

Seeing the sun set on Jerusalem and witnessing its walls turn to gold.

What is your favorite Jewish holiday and why?

Pesach, when family and friends descend on my parent’s home for a spirited, talkative, meaningful, and raucous seder.

What is your favorite Jewish food?

Chicken soup with matzah balls.

Were you involved in a Jewish youth organization?

Yes, United Synagogue Youth.

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