Meet the members of CJN Tomorrow

Meet the members of CJN Tomorrow

CJN Tomorrow provides Cleveland Jewish community members between 18 and 40 with an opportunity to advise the Cleveland Jewish News on coverage, events, publications and distribution channels with the goal of increasing overall engagement and readership.

What does being a member of the Jewish community mean to you?

Being a part of exactly what it says - a community. It’s an inviting and welcoming community that has opportunities for all people at all stages of their lives, and seems to be constantly evolving and growing to meet the community’s needs.

What Jewish organizations are you involved with?

Jewish Federation of Cleveland (YLD, PJ Library, member of first Women’s Philanthropy Coaching Circles); ADL Glass Leadership Institute Graduate

Why do you stay involved in the Jewish community?

I stay involved for many reasons – to give back what it has given me since my youth, and for my growing family to enjoy being a part of.

How do your friends and family shape your Jewish involvement?

Growing up, my family celebrated (and continues to celebrate) all holidays, and have always demonstrated a sense of pride and love for being Jewish and for Israel. I became involved at a young age, from attending Jewish preschool and programs to going to Camp Wise and being active in BBYO, all which greatly impacted my involvement and passion for the community.

Why is CJN Tomorrow important and what do you hope to accomplish through it?

CJN Tomorrow is an opportunity for a younger audience to have a voice in the community. I hope we can provide insight and make an impact on what others see and value as news.

What do you like about the Cleveland Jewish News?

I like that the CJN has evolved into being a comprehensive publication of all types of news and features, and that it is timely with delivering breaking news.

What is your favorite activity to do in Cleveland?

Visiting the Cleveland Metroparks with my family and enjoying the culinary scene.

What is your favorite Jewish tradition?

Celebrating all of the holidays with family; most recently, Chanukah and lighting the candles through the eyes of my daughter.

Have you been to Israel?

Yes, twice. Once with family and another time as a CAMERA fellow in college.

What is your favorite Israel moment?

Walking through the streets and experiencing the culture of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

What is your favorite Jewish holiday and why?

Rosh Hashanah – it’s a time to reflect on the past year and mentally recharge and set goals for the new year.

What is your favorite Jewish food?


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