Excerpts from "Murder, Center Stage"

The rough draft first paragraph of Gwen’s review of the musical “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” was typed out on her computer just before she left her near west side efficiency apartment for downtown Cleveland’s Hedley Theatre. It read: Read more

The opening night production of “Sweeney Todd” has been halted and I’ve been sitting in the sixth-row seating of the Hedley Theatre for about an hour now. After the gruesome murder that took place mid-production in front of sickened North Coast Theater board members and five hundred shocked … Read more

“When the musical number, ‘God, That’s Good!’ begins at the start of Act II,” says detective Brandstätter as we walk up the offstage ramp that leads to Sweeney’s onstage second-story barbershop and the scene of the crime, “This area is in darkness. Is that correct?” Read more

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