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If I could ask you whether you are in sales, the chances are only 50-50 that you would say yes. You might say no, that you’re in accounting or something technical, or maybe you are the owner. Regardless of your answer, this column can help you.

If you are in sales, we’re discussing the lifeblood of your livelihood and your contribution to your company. And if you are not in sales, you will still find ideas and tools that will help you do your job or run your business more profitably. And the topics that don’t apply to you directly, such as prospecting, will still be informative and useful.

The ideas and tools of sales are useful in accounting, marketing, shipping, anything. Whatever your job or business, if you deal with a customer or client in any way, you are selling. That’s why some business owners and managers have their entire company or division attend sales seminars. The truth is that all of us are selling every day: we’re selling a product or service; we’re selling our company; we’re selling our ideas, ourselves.

Picasso, Renoir and Jones.

Let’s talk for a moment about art forms. Cleveland has one of the most magnificent art museums. You can see some of the greatest and most beautiful artistry at the Cleveland Museum of Art – masterpieces by Renoir, Monet and Picasso.

These three of the world’s greatest artists all share three things in common: paint, brushes and canvas. But yet their works are completely different. Why? It is because of the creativity and uniqueness of the artist.

The same thing is true of all of us. You can’t expect to be like me or the next person. You have to use your own creativity, what’s inside you, along with the basic tools I give you in my column – the paint, brushes and canvas of the art of selling.

You have your good points. I don’t care what your situation is: how much experience you have, what you’re selling, or what your personality is. You have good points and they work well for you. Build on those good points and develop your style around them. You can become the Picasso of sales.

What is the plumber’s secret?

Did you ever change a faucet? Did you try to do it with whatever tool you had around or did you use a special tool, like a ratchet that goes under the sink? If you didn’t use the proper tool, what was it like? And how long did it take? If you have the right tool, the job takes only a few minutes.

So, it’s the tool that makes the difference. Whether it is my column or my books, all I’m doing is providing you with the tools. It’s up to you to put your style into selling, to become a Picasso. Any seminar, book or DVD that trains you is the tool. The rest is up to you and your individual style and performance. Out of every 100 people I work with, only five people will diligently use one of these tools to change their lives.

Above all, you must have the desire. You must want to make the effort it takes to make things happen.

How to be the cream of the crop?

Three things make a top salesperson. This applies to you whether you are 100% in sales or not and whatever your title.

• Top salespeople are organized.

• Top salespeople are persistent.

• Top salespeople are incredibly honest.

Now, go sell.


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