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If you want to find the love of your life, look in the mirror.

Yes, you truly are the love of your life.

I used to hate Valentine’s Day. I always wanted someone to make me feel special enough to fill the endless hole inside of me. I longed to be loved.

That hole that felt like a bottomless pit until I realized no one else could fill it, just me. So, I finally did.

You’re the one you will be with for the rest of your life, so what are you waiting for? Here are 14 ways to celebrate you:

• Buy yourself something romantic. No more waiting for a card or flowers or chocolates. Buy yourself a ring. Treat yourself to a candlelit dinner. You are the love of your life. Act like it.

• Wash your hands. Seriously. Protect yourself from the flu or the latest cold or nasty virus going around. Your health is the greatest gift you have. Pre-serve it. And value that beautiful face of yours so much that you never touch it without washing your hands first.

• Move more. You don’t have to run a 5K or train for a marathon. Simply get up off the couch or away from your desk every half-hour for a good five minutes of stretching or jumping jacks.

• Pause more. Pause before you start the car and put your phone away. Pause before you leave work to cleanse it from your psyche. Pause before you answer the phone when you realize it’s someone who hits your buttons. Pause and dismantle your buttons, because no one can hit your buttons if you don’t have any.

• Treat your feet. They carry you around all day long. Most people neglect them. Not me. I bought a stack of cheap washcloths and every day use a fresh one to wash my feet with hot water and peppermint soap, then massage in lotion and a smidge of essential oil and thank them for holding me up.

• Wear the good stuff. Just for you. The fancy lingerie you got last year for Valentine’s Day. The fuzzy socks you worry will turn bald from the wood floors. The tie your kids got you for Father’s Day. The silk blouse with the tag still on it that you fear you’ll stain. Don’t let the moths ruin it before you do.

• Get grounded. Step out onto the Earth. Of all the planets in the solar system, you got the best one of all. It has water. Plants. People. Remember that you are stardust. That’s pretty heady stuff. Feel yourself twinkle.

• Perform random acts of kindness. Read yourself a poem. Treat yourself to a carwash. Light a candle. Buy yourself a bouquet. Yep, you’re worth the prettiest one.

• Leave yourself love notes. Instead of endless to-do lists, write out some love notes. Leave them in your lunch, in the car, next to your toothbrush, by the washer and dryer, under your pillow.

• Make yourself this promise. Every morning I renew this vow and say it out loud to myself as I slip a silver ring on my own finger: "Regina, I will love you all the days of my life, starting today."

• Reclaim your name. No more calling yourself dumb or stupid or fat. You are not a jerk. You are not ugly. You are a child of the universe. Say your full name. Whisper it to yourself right now, in the kindest way. Lovely, isn’t it?

• Be present in your own life. Get off Facebook for a while and stop comparing your vacation, meals, kids, biceps and abs to everyone else’s. You don’t need to build a life others envy. Build a life you can’t wait to wake up to.

• Love this body. Not the body you should have. Not the one everyone else has or thinks you should have. Love the one you got. The one with the scars and stretch marks and moles and pimples and dimples and wrinkles and age spots and those 10, 20 or 30 extra pounds. Hug it. Thank it. Inhabit it.

• Listen to your heart. Not to change your cardio routine or to record your standing heart rate. Just to hear the beating of that precious muscle pulsing life through you to every single cell. You – yes you – are miracle.

As is.

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