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An Orthodox woman, wife and mother of seven, Ruchi Koval is the co-founder and director of the Jewish Family Experience in Cleveland. She is a certified parenting coach, educator, author, musician and motivational speaker. Her first book, "Conversations with G-d," was released in 2016. Find Ruchi on Facebook, Instagram, her blog at, and follow her podcasts and videos on SoundCloud, WhatsApp and YouTube. Ruchi was a recipient of the CJN's 18 Difference Maker award in 2015.

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Last week, I went on vacation with myself. Notice I say “with myself” and not “by myself” because the point was to spend time with myself, reacquaint me to myself and listen to the sound of my own mind.

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Once upon a time there was a small sukkah that lived in Jerusalem. The sukkah wasn’t really a proper sukkah at all, more like a half-sukkah constructed on a tiny balcony overlooking an alley off a road in a tucked-away neighborhood. But it was a happy sukkah, because it was faithfully used e…

I’ve been engaged in a tough breakup. It’s been a dysfunctional relationship for a few years already, but sometimes dysfunction is hard to sense when you’re deep in it. You get used to the craziness. You get used to constantly being available on demand all the time. You can’t even remember w…

When you’re generally a pretty organized person who usually puts things back in the same place each time and the night before your flight to Israel, Saturday night, you check your drawer for your passport and it’s not there, you’d be excused for freaking out. Which is what I did.

"I am saddened the debate over Israel’s decision regarding two U.S. congresswomen is tearing apart the Jewish community. Can we keep our eye on the ball? Israel was founded as a state to be a safe oasis from anti-Semitism. Shall we now use debate about it to tear ourselves apart and hate on …

I never really thought of myself as a perfectionist; more like a person who likes to do things well. But, I think that’s like calling Hurricane Katrina a “rainy day.” Over the years, it has become clear to me that the distress I feel at doing things imperfectly is hurting me and others.

School is ending or over, depending on which school your people are in, and yet again we are switching a child to a new school. I feel like we do this every year, probably because we do.