This past year was a combination of the 1918 Flu Pandemic, The Great Depression and much more.

Fortunately, Mom and Michael had a delightful time in Palm Beach, Fla., in February. Mom acquired a bit of vertigo there, but still managed to enjoy herself. This was good because by their return, the pandemic had set in Mom, who as you know, is a world-class shopper, loaded us up with everything and an enormous amount of powder room supplies. Michael stopped working per Mom’s orders. They spend their days exercising, reading, watching films, playing cards and picking up takeout. And Mom cooked and baked almost all our food in her Wolf stove. Suddenly piles of chocolate chip cookies, brownies and pies graced the counter. Jack was elated, he had his whole mespucah home. We spent many afternoons on our beautiful patio. Jack brought Mom a really perfect Mother’s Day gift – a deceased mouse. Later in the year, he ignored a live one in the house. Not his department.

Mom continued to walk with her dear friends. She really celebrated her Medicare Birthday with red, white and blue flowers and a cake from Casa Dolce that had her Medicare card drawn on it! The other big event of the summer was the “Modlin’s East Coast Custard Socially Distanced Event”. The truck pulled up in their driveway and everyone indulged. Thanks to our dear friends Dr. Sheryl and Dr. Charles Modlin, Mom had successful kidney stone surgery in December. She had no pain before, during and post hospitalization thanks to their brilliant colleague. She told everyone that herroad trip to the Cleveland Clinic was her last jaunt until hopefully 2022.

We miss you and your humor every day!

- James M. Chesler