Jonathan Chesler

Well, another year has quickly passed. We miss you and your humor every day. 

Our beloved country is in a hot mess. Archie, your icon, would have some choice words to describe the constant bombardment of nastiness, etc. 

Every day, you would say, “Margie, I think it’s time for a jumping out party. The stock market is volatile.”

But, you would have taken it all in stride.

We have a new addition to our family, Jack Marvel. A Shepard Lab puppy. Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles. Jimmy, when he is home, is Jack’s big brother, as is Michael. Jimmy’s icon Stan Lee of Marvel Comics left us the same week Jack arrived. So, we gave him the last name of Marvel. He came with the name of Jack. 

He is a southern gentleman, born in Alabama on June 26, 2018, what  would have been your 41st wedding anniversary. 

Mom and Michael can’t wait to see him and savor our beloved beach in Delaware this summer. It’s our 25th year going to Rehoboth Beach. He will love running in the cool waves and meeting all his new friends.

We miss our neighbors George and Sabra Qua, having shared 38 years of life together. Soon we will have new next door neighbors in that grand house.

We started a new family tradition this past December. 

Jimmy reminded Mom how much she loved your holiday parties of yesteryear. You know Mom, in no time flat, all our friends were feasting on the fine cuisine at Harry’s Steakhouse. You would’ve had the best time.

Margaret, Jimmy, Michael and Jack Marvel