Jonathan S. Chesler

Three years have passed and we miss you and your humor more and more each day.

Jimmy definitely possesses your amazing analytical skills, he has installed improvements that run our household more efficiently when he is home from college. He single-handedly is making Amazon’s stock an excellent investment. He also has become quite the canine aficionado, taking loving care of our beloved Zackie when Mom and Michael visit the Palm Beaches and Rehoboth Beach.

We sent Mom, our resident Shaker Heights educator, to French couture class and Victorian Women Reformers class this past summer. You would have laughed uncontrollably, but would have admired her previous and current mastery of these subjects.

Mom watches MSNBC every evening, she misses your political Archie Bunkerisms. Fortunately, LD, Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiam” has made her laugh again! However, LD has a long way to go to match your wit and your humor!

♥ Margaret, Jimmy, Michael & Zackie