Five quick years have now passed.

We remember you and your humor every day. Like mother in ragtime.

Mom’s life has changed the most in the past year. Although she adored our family home of 40 years on the historic Fairmount Boulevard, last spring she found the home you both loved in the community gardens located on the former Blossom Property. Her home is listed in the U.S. Registry of Historic Homes. Being the gerontologist, she now lives on one floor. When she ventures upstairs, she states she is taking a “roadtrip!” Jack and Mom love the peace and tranquility there. Jack keeps track of the deer and the squirrels.

Mom retired last year. After celebrating her “Beatles Birthday” at her favorite Breakers Hotel in Florida and at the shore in Rehoboth Beach (her 25th year!), she returned to her nonprofit world. It was “Back to the Future” for her. She volunteers for a bunch of places, goes to book groups and will soon be co-leading family support groups and giving talks for NAMI.

After successfully taking care of Michael last summer when he broke his leg (she moved into CCF’s Euclid Rehab during his recovery!), her biggest challenge was finding a new CPA after her’s retired. She did!

Again, we miss you.

James M. Chesler