What a whirlwind year! Mom was not outta the woods yet with her kidney. The huge stone was removed surgically at Cleveland Clinic Main in December 2021. She seemed to recover fast and then had trouble having enough energy walking to get the mail. She credits Dr. De, her kidney doctor, with saving her life. She had been bleeding from an embolism on her kidney. After a weeklong stay at CCF and six transfusions, she was herself again. I took care of everything plus Jack at home. She came real close to seeing you again. Not her time. As soon as she came home, she planned her 26th summer in Rehoboth Beach!

We stayed home the whole month of February due to COVID-19 and the frigid weather. Mom joined my virtual lit classes and revisited Hemingway and Virginia Woolf!

Finally, spring popped up! Mom started planning her July 4th Blast Party, her favorite holiday besides Thanksgiving! We invited all our friends, close to 40 people. Michael handled the film screenings, Jack, her dog, entertained Ollie and Coco, his pals from the Dog Park. And Mom supervised a buffet ranging from lox and bagels to steak hamburgers and more! Charlie, her dog park friend, helped with everything and she let him! What an eclectic group, four specialties in medicine were well represented, also a bevy of fine social workers and teachers as well as business people and economists.

Mom, Michael and Jack resumed their retail therapy and walking. Mom also walked, went to restaurants and movies with friends.

Finally, Mom, Michael and Jack returned to Rehoboth Beach for our family’s 26th summer there! It was pure bliss! By this time, the delta variant was becoming rampant with the omicron variant not far behind.

They got takeout and did limited shopping. The majority of the shops were late on receiving their shipments due to a variety of reasons. You would have been thrilled!

That didn’t matter, they delighted in taking Jack for walks on the beach, on the boardwalk and at Henelopen State Park near Pres. Joe’s house!

Jack met a lot of new canine and human friends! Mom caught up with all her old friends there and met a lot of new ones. Right before they left on Sept. 1, Hurricane Ida hit the east coast. While Rehoboth Beach was spared, our NYC and other nearby states were flooded big time with loss of life and devastation.

One day Mom was watching Norman Lear on PBS’ “American Masters.” Your Archie was on. Mom told me again that “All in the Family” was your favorite show behind Hogan’s Heroes! Those were your days, laughing with Mom in our living room on Fairmount Boulevard.

- James M. Chesler