Helyn Presser, our wonderful mother, grandmother, aunt and friend died Dec. 28, 2020, at age 97.

She was born in 1923 in Benton Harbor, Mich., one of two daughters to Saul and Sarah Colef. Her father was a dentist, her mother a very talented homemaker. Since making a living as a dentist during the Great Depression was difficult, her parents built a factory that made plastic parts, which included art pieces as well as parts for cars for Ford Motor Co. She had a younger sister, Evelyn, who predeceased her.

She married Herman Presser in her early twenties, and had two children, Brian Presser, 75 and Penny Presser, 70.

Helyn went to the University of Wisconsin for a short time, switched to Kalamazoo College, and planned on entering the U.S. Navy during World War ll, when she met and married Herman Presser, who died in 2012.

She became a full-time homemaker, devoting herself to her children and family, after moving to Cleveland. She raised her children with loving kindness and complete devotion, worked full time at the family business, Severance Bowling Lanes, and was active in her children’s school lives, including Mother Singers and the PTA. She attended every game and school event her children participated in, and was always there to help. She loved being a mother more that anything.

Mom loved and was especially close to her daughter-in-law Joyce, and welcomed her first grandchild Raven with love, and had many warm memories of their times together. She was like a second parent to her grandsons, Alex and Andrew, whom she was extremely close and devoted to. They worshiped the ground she walked on, and gave her life renewed meaning. She was head over heals in love with them. She adored her nieces and nephews, was close to all of them, and was like a second mother to Moshe.

She loved to travel, had many friends, and loved spending time with the family dogs. She adored all three of the major sports, was a huge fan, and was thrilled to be able to see the Cavs win the 2016 NBA Finals.

She gave selflessly, and was adored by all who knew her.

She will be missed greatly.

R.I.P., mom. You deserve it. I will love you throughout eternity.

Donations to Menorah Park Hospice would be appreciated.