Charlene Krohn Scherr, 86, a Cleveland Heights native and a retired, honored audiologist, died July 22, 2021, in Rockville, Md., while in hospice care for a lung condition.

She worked at the Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C., her entire government career. For many years, she ran an aural rehab program for new wearers of hearing aids on how to live in a hearing world.

One of her VIP students would sometimes call her for advice or information. A receptionist would interrupt her class lecture to announce that U.S. Surgeon General Everett Koop was on the phone for Mrs. Scherr.

She fondly remembered her days in the Cleveland Heights High School chorus. She once auditioned the Robert Shaw chorale. She had a great voice, which an illness later damaged.

After high school, she graduated the University of Wisconsin. Before starting graduate school at Western Reserve, Charlene traveled through Europe, and spent a year in 1953 on a kibbutz in Israel. She volunteered to pluck feathers from chickens, because that could be done early in the morning, before the heat of the day.

Before she joined the hospital, she worked several years in Montreal, Canada, at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and a year in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

At retirement from Walter Reed, she got U.S. Army commander coins from the hospital and the Army medical command for the excellence of her work. She was also elected a fellow of the Military Audiology Association.

In retirement, she drove for Washington Area’s Jewish Social Services. She took Holocaust survivors to their medical appointments, and delivered Kosher Meals on Wheels.

She is survived by her husband of 53 years, Edmund Scherr of Potomac, Md., and a son, Joshua (Melanie) Scherr of Los Angeles. Also surviving are brothers, George Krohn of Cleveland, and Richard (Susan) Krohn of Atlanta.