The 2020 class of 18 Difference Makers

Rabbi Avrohom Adler’s move to Cleveland about 25 years ago was a turning point in his life.

Charles Daroff quickly discovered that if he could combine his well-honed skills as a real estate lawyer with his long-time love for helping others, he could make a lasting impact on the community.

Soon after her son Eric was born and her daughter Hallie (a CJN columnist) was in kindergarten, Susan R. Hurwitz decided to try helping other parents.

Kenny Koblitz’s life mantra comes in the form of music lyrics.

It was David W. Leopold’s father who bestowed him with his tenacious fight for social justice and giving back.

Once, when Carol A. Marshall was ushering at The Temple-Tifereth Israel in Beachwood, she noticed a mother and daughter engaged in a conflict during High Holy Day services.

David Millstone’s mother did not approve of his decision to practice at Squire Sanders & Dempsey in his first job out of law school.

The first time Jim Newbrough toured Menorah Park will stay with him forever.

Born in Saratov in the former Soviet Union, Miriam Pearlmutter has vivid memories of her relatives bringing food to her family as they prepared to leave their homeland to come to the United States.

On first impression, Earl Pike is a kind, caring and relatable person, clearly drawn to helping others.

A mission to Cuba about a decade ago with the Jewish Federation of Cleveland spurred Dr. David M. Rosenberg to step up his efforts to address the health care needs of those who are underserved in Cleveland.

Although Mitchell C. Schneider was born and raised in the area, the attorney-turned-real estate developer did not enter Cleveland’s Jewish community until adulthood.

JodiLyn Solomon’s daughter, Rose, attended an overnight summer camp for transgender children in New Hampshire in 2015 and 2016.

Wendy Spitz is a Beachwood native whose genuine desire to give back to her hometown is evident during even a short conversation.

Ali Stern is grateful to live in a place like Cleveland.

When Beverley and Richard Uria met as teenagers through Johannesburg’ South Africa’s Jewish community, they had no idea that they would spend their lives together – let alone in the United States.

William Wortzman secured a bakery job as an elementary school student and stayed until college.

Virtual Awards Ceremony

Cleveland Jewish News 18 Difference Makers alumni

Tom Adler, 2016

Devorah Alevsky, 2018

Mindi Axner, 2019

Justin Bachman, 2015

Mitchell Balk, 2016

Samantha Baskind, 2015

Barbara Bellin Janovitz, 2017

Martin Belsky, 2016

Ronald Berkman, 2015

Irv Berliner, 2018

Stanley Bernath, 2018

Patti, Dani and Josh Berns, 2016, Generation Award

Jack Bialosky Jr., 2015

Susan Bichsel, 2018

Andrew Brickman, 2019

Seth P. Briskin, 2016

Bart Bookatz, 2015

Mia Buchwald Gelles, 2015

Michael Cantor, 2015

Jennifer Chestnut, 2015

Jessica Cohen, 2019

Nan Cohen, 2015

Esther Cohen Hexter, 2015

Steven Dettlebach, 2016

Harlan Diamond, 2015, Lifetime Achievement Award

Gregg A. Eisenberg, 2017

Rabbi Eli Dessler & Rabbi Simcha Dessler, 2016

Art Elk, 2018

David Elk, 2018

Howard Epstein, 2016

Barry Feldman, 2015

Matthew Fieldman, 2015

Brynna Fish, 2016

Roman Frayman, 2018

Peter Freimark, 2015

Marc W. Freimuth, 2019

Debbie Friedman, 2015

Shelly Friedman, 2016

Michael Friedman, 2016

Norma Geller, 2017, Lifetime Achievement Award

David Gilbert, 2016, Civic Leadership Award

Erika Gold, 2015

Judge Francine Goldberg, 2017

Anita Gray, 2015

Roe Green, 2018, Lifetime Achievement Award

Michael Haas, 2016

Irwin and Ida Haber, 2017

Lisa Hacker, 2015

Jill Helfman, 2015

J. David Heller, 2015

Sheryl Hirsh, 2017

Michael Davis Hoenig, 2019

Ilana Hoffer Skoff, 2015

Debbie Hoffmann, 2017

Michael Horvitz, 2018

Sara Hurand, 2016

Jerry Isaak-Shapiro, 2015

Gary Isakov, 2016

Adam Jacobs, 2018

Michael Jacobson, 2017

Larry Kadis, 2015

Suellen Kadis, 2017

Eva Kahana, 2016

Ira C. Kaplan, 2019

Elizabeth Klein, 2019

Noreen Koppelman-Goldstein, 2018

Ruchi Koval, 2015

Joshua Kramer, 2017

Mandy Kwait, 2018

Enid Lader, 2018

Fern Ruth Levy, 2018

Keith Libman, 2016

Ken Liffman, 2017

Thomas A. Lockshin, 2019

Lawrence A. Mack, 2019

Milton and Tamar Maltz, 2019, Lifetime Achievement Award

Michal Marcus, 2019

Rabbi Yossi Marozov, 2015

Marc B. Merklin, 2017

Sam Miller, 2016, Lifetime Achievement Award

Barbara Miller, 2017

Jared Miller, 2019

Dan Moulthrop, 2019, Civic Leadership Award

Deena Nyer Mendlowitz, 2018

August "Augie" Napoli, 2019

Marla Petti, 2017

Debbie Picker, 2018

Hon. Dan Aaron Polster, 2018, Civic Leadership Award

Jeffrey, Lee and Zac Ponsky, 2017, Generation Award

Carole Schwartz Rendon, 2019

Margaret Richards-Frankel, 2015

Enid Rosenberg, 2015

Debbie Rothschild, 2015

Mark Sack, 2018

Cantor Sarah Sager, 2019

Benjamin Sattin, 2015

Donald Scherzer, 2018

Bradley J. Schlang, 2015

Lane Schlessel, 2015

Lee C. Shapiro, 2018

Michael Siegal, 2016

Harvey Siegel, 2017

Scott Simon, 2017

Heidi Solomon, 2015

Erica Starrfield, 2018

Eleanor Steigman, 2017

The Stein family: Geraldine Stein, Carmie and Todd Stein, Michelle Hirsch, Rachel Weinberg, Abby Diamond and Jodi Meridieth, 2018, Generation Award

Kim Strausser, 2016

Jeanne Tobin, 2016

Rabbi Zachary Truboff, 2015

Roni Wallace, 2017

Steve Weinberg, 2015

Michele Weiss, 2019

Lauren Werber, 2019

Chuck Whitehill, 2015

Darrell Young, 2017, Civic Leadership Award

Jerry Zahler, 2015

Dan Zelman, 2015

Sandra Zieve, 2017

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