Bradley J. Schlang

The term “difference maker” has been in Bradley J. Schlang’s vocabulary for as long as he can remember. Schlang, a partner in Cedar Brook Financial Advisors, has been raised to make a difference, and a difference he has made.

Schlang recently has focused his money, time and energy into the fulfillment of children’s potential in the Cleveland area.

Schlang explained the hardships and challenges brought about to inner-city youth. Through the preparatory schools for Breakthrough Schools, Schlang provides time and money to attempt to give every child the opportunity to attend an excellent prep school.

Schlang also puts most of his time and energy into Bellefaire JCB, which he believes, “helps kids achieve their full potential.”

Bellefaire JCB has been an aspect in Schlang’s life for the last several decades, moving around from biathlon organization to strategic direction.

He finished his term as board chair of Bellefaire JCB in July, and now provides leadership for key fundraising initiatives as Bellefaire looks to expand its services. The transition of his role is timely as Bellefaire continues to grow and respond to the needs of community members facing the challenges of autism, behavioral health and psychiatric disorders

“I want to help expand Bellefaire’s capability for the autistic and mentally disabled population that it serves,” said Schlang.

As a financial adviser, Schlang has refocused his time to help charitable families maximize their gift to public institutions. He works to optimize the benefits for both the family and charity in that the money given is used for the correct purposes, as well as expanding the capability that the money actually contains.

At a Glance

Name: Bradley J. Schlang

Age: 48

As a professional: Cedar Brook Financial Advisors

Spouse: Heather

Children: Sam, 20; Brian, 18

Synagogue: Park Synagogue

In the community: vice chair of Community Relations Committee, Community Investment Committee for Education for United Way, Promise Partners, Professional Advisory Council, Jewish Federation of Cleveland, immediate past chair of Bellefaire JCB, immediate past chair of Wingspan Care Group, Park Synagogue, Prep Schools for Breakthrough Schools, Northern Ohio Planned Giving Council

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