Heidi Solomon

The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday” is this difference maker’s daily goal. Heidi Solomon, Jewish Family Service Association Horvitz YouthAbility coordinator, believes she is an average community member, though she actually benefits any organization in which she becomes involved.

Solomon teaches disabled children through mutually beneficial actions and volunteering. The kids become involved in the community, and feel good about the deeds they do for people throughout the area.

Solomon finds ways to tie her work into other volunteer opportunities in Cleveland. She has spent the past few years working on the development of a trail program in the Cleveland Metroparks. The Chagrin Loop Overlook Trail is the result of Solomon’s hard work and dedication to make this city as good as she thinks it can be.

Solomon still finds time to welcome foreign students to the area. Through the Case Western Reserve University Friendship Family Program, Solomon and her family interact with foreign graduate students to give them a taste of American culture. The activities, like going out to dinner, are not exactly taxing or overbearing, but they provide the students with opportunities to get involved in the community.

“I’m just fortunate that in my life, I have many opportunities to interact in meaningful ways with a wide variety of people,” she said.

At a Glance

As a professional: Jewish Family Services Association of Cleveland

Spouse: Rick

Children: Daniel; AJ, 15

In the community: Jewish Big Brother Big Sister, Rescue Village, Cleveland Metroparks, Case Western Reserve University Friendship Family Program, Ohio City Bicycle Co-op

Noteworthy: Heidi leads Horvitz YouthAbility, which delivers lunch weekly to Jewish organizations.

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