Peter Freimark

Peter Freimark, a member of Temple Israel Ner Tamid, makes a difference for people who will never be able to repay him by creating programs through his synagogue to positively affect the Greater Cleveland community.

One such program, the peanut butter and Judaism program, created an opportunity to give food to the homeless every Friday night. After services, Freimark, along with other members of the congregation, pass out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to homeless in downtown Cleveland.

“It results in a more meaningful Shabbat,” Freimark said. “We not only get services, but we get to end the night knowing we’re helping someone in need.”

Another program that originated from Freimark is the Teddy Bear Bank. Across the country, teddy bears are sent to refugees or people who have experienced natural disasters.

Other ideas Temple Israel Ner Tamid has started are cleaning and serving sober Passover dinners for alcoholics and delivery of “blessing bags” to homeless, which include items like deodorant and soap.

Freimark also contacted the small city of Bud, W.Va., to help with a water shortage problem.

Thanks to his inspiration, Temple Israel Ner Tamid has been a catalyst for communitywide efforts like tzedakah trips to Israel and annual trips to bring school supplies and bottled water to poor people in Appalachia.

At a Glance

Age: 64

As a professional: Century Framing

Synagogue: Temple Israel Ner Tamid

In the community: Temple Israel Ner Tamid, Good People Fund

Noteworthy: Freimark organized Temple Israel Ner Tamid’s response to Hurricane Katrina.

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