Ruchi Koval

Ruchi Koval, co-founder and associate director of Jewish Family Experience, has made a difference through one word: response. She responds to the wants and needs of people in the area so much so that she chose to write a book to respond to questions about prayer.

Koval has worked on her book, “Conversations with God,” for the past two years in response to women seeking answers through prayer.

“Women felt marginalized at services and would come up to me asking questions like, ‘What’s a prayer I can say for my friend trying to get pregnant?’” said Koval. “And I started writing the answers down, and then I began to add the Hebrew translation, and it evolved into a book.”

As the associate director of JFX, Koval teaches spiritual character development workshops to adults in the community. She is also involved in the same program for high school students that teaches the same characteristics but at a much younger age.

“It’s the belief and process that spirituality can be achieved by refining character,” Koval added.

Throughout the last several years Koval has also worked on a blog, Through the blog, she works to bridge the gaps between denominations.

Koval spent this last spring leading a group of women on a trip to Israel. One woman experienced her first trip to Israel, while several other women experienced their first trip in decades. The trip consisted of educational opportunities, tours and festivities that are meaningful in Israeli culture.

At a Glance

Name: Ruchi Koval

Age: 41

As a professional: Jewish Family Experience

Spouse: Rabbi Sruly Koval

Children: Mariam, 21; Moshe, 19; Yitty 17; Avromi, 15; Hindi, 12; Nosson, 8; Nomi, 5

Noteworthy: Ruchi addressed more than 1,000 people at the Shabbos Project Cleveland’s Challah Bake in October.

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