As a rheumatologist at Cleveland Clinic’s Beachwood Family Health Center, Dr. Howard Epstein enjoys working closely with patients and said he’s proud of the long-term relationships he’s built over his 33 years of practice. 

When he’s not at the Clinic, Epstein focuses his attention on helping community organizations meaningful to him.

“I believe in being able to give back,” Epstein said. “It’s also extremely rewarding and challenging for me. I enjoy working with a wide variety of different people that I would otherwise not be able to interact with had I not done this.”

Epstein said his parents have always been very active in the community, which inspired him to follow a similar path. Epstein recalled working as a volunteer at the former Mt. Sinai Hospital in Cleveland when he was a high school student. 

“That was something I grew up with. It’s also a Jewish tradition – a mitzvah,” he said. 

As a doctor, Epstein is prone to working long hours and having a hectic schedule. Time management and setting priorities are key, he said, when it comes to balancing his career and philanthropic efforts. 

“As they say in the world of jobs, I’m a late career person, so I have a bit more flexibility than perhaps I would if I was a lot younger doing the same thing. Fortunately, I’m able to do both,” he said.  

Epstein said he enjoys supporting local organizations that he feels are doing a lot of good in the community, and that he hopes to provide whatever help he can to allow them to continue to flourish and achieve their missions.

“I play a very small part, but I do it because I feel passionate about what these organizations do,” he said. “As with any not-for-profit, they need volunteer help in order to best accomplish their goals. That’s why I like to work with them.”

– Kristen Mott

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