Gregg Eisenberg said he does his volunteerism “under the radar.” 

Although he named volunteering with Friends of Israel Defense Forces, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., and some charter schools in Cleveland, he said he’s been on so many boards that he’s actually lost track. 

“I typically spend a couple years on those boards and then rotate and give somebody else the opportunity,” he said. “You make your most impact right away.”

Despite a busy work life as managing partner at Benesch Attorneys at Law in Cleveland, where he focuses on corporate law and mergers and acquisitions, Eisenberg said he’s been motivated to give back by learning about organizations and developing a passion for them, as well as by his own good fortunate thus far in life. 

“You learn about an organization and if you can give to that organization, not just your money, but you can make an organization better, it’s very rewarding,” he said. “I just feel very fortunate, so when you are fortunate you should give back.”

With FIDF, Eisenberg said it was meaningful to him to help with a program that sponsors IDF soldiers’ college education. He said his attachment to

Israel has grown throughout his life, and it’s connected to his pride for his Jewish heritage. Moreover, his wife once lived there and he plans to visit for his son’s bar mitzvah in a few years. 

“(That’s) what I think Jews should do for each other, so that’s why I do it,” he said. 

Eisenberg also chose to become involved with Cleveland charter schools because he said how valuable education is in our society and said he wants it to be more accessible to kids who are less fortunate. 

Moreover, when he reaches a point in life where he is less busy – maybe when his children are older – Eisenberg hopes to become involved with more organizations he’s already interested in. 

What should others looking to get involved do? Eisenberg said it’s important they find something they are passionate about before committing to the work. 

“I think people realize that if you’re not passionate about the organization, and you are there to network or what have you, you are there for the wrong reasons,” he said. “Find things you truly believe in or are passionate about, and you will be a better contributor.”

– Amanda Koehn

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