Difference Makers inspire, motivate at right time

By Kevin S. Adelstein

With national tragedies dominating the news and reports of anti-Semitism on the rise, it’s fair to say the world is in need of repairing. Thankfully for Northeast Ohio, there are people in our community – friends, neighbors, colleagues, congregants and relatives – whose lives personify tikkun olam. 

At the Cleveland Jewish News, we call them Difference Makers, and it’s my privilege to acquaint you with the 2017 class. 

Like the Difference Makers before them, they help form the fabric of our community. Whatever their role – doctor, lawyer, judge, educator, business owner, board member, realtor, marketer, advocate or financial planner – they embody qualities such as leadership and compassion, often selflessly giving of their time, treasure and talent to better society. 

The CJN is proud to present just a fraction of what impels this year’s 18 Difference Makers to give back and do good. Inspiring? Motivating? Generous? Action-oriented? You bet they are! We’ll honor them, along with our Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree, Norma Geller; our Civic Leadership Honoree, Darrell A. Young; and our Generation Award Honorees, Drs. Jeffrey and Lee Ponsky and Zachary Ponsky. 

We’ll hear their stories, and it’s my hope that each of them will prompt each of us to do our part to repair the world – our world – and leave things better than we found them for future generations.  

 Kevin S. Adelstein is publisher and CEO of the Cleveland Jewish News and president of the Cleveland Jewish Publication Company.