Light Overpowers Darkness

This is a difficult time for Jews around the world.  

Acts of hate aimed at our people are on the rise. Some are merely criminal, others are appallingly heinous, but all have severe and long-lasting consequences. They ripple through our communities, creating a sometimes inescapable sense of insecurity. Such is the vile nature of anti-Semitism.

Recently, our neighbors in Pittsburgh suffered the worst act of anti-Semitism carried out on American soil. We continue to grieve for the victims of the massacre at Tree of Life Congregation, and we continue to keep in our prayers their families and the Squirrel Hill community. We will never forget. 

During times of such tragedy and sorrow, it is important – and can help the healing – to remember the good, celebrate the positive and invite in the light to overpower the darkness. 

When we introduced the Cleveland Jewish News 18 Difference Makers four years ago, we intended for it to be a way to acknowledge acts of tikkun olam (repairing the world) and tzedakah (charity) happening in our community. It’s done just that, and this year, we’re especially grateful we can celebrate those acts of kindness. 

If you haven’t yet purchased your ticket, it’s not too late. We hope you’ll join us in recognizing the 2018 class of CJN’s 18 Difference Makers. Our ceremony on Nov. 18 will acknowledge the unselfish, generous and caring acts of leadership taking place here in Northeast Ohio, but it will also serve as a celebration for all Jews – and non-Jews – working to strengthen and better our community. 

When you read and hear about the 18 Difference Makers’ stories – and those of Roe Green, Judge Dan Aaron Polster and the Stein family, all recipients of our annual awards – you will undoubtedly be as inspired as we were when we selected them to represent all that is good within us.

These individuals positively impact our community – as have those in past classes of 18 Difference Makers. This year, however, in the wake of such sadness, it will feel especially rewarding to celebrate their accomplishments and be reminded of the good and vital work people do to make a difference. I hope you’ll join us.

-Kevin S. Adelstein 

Kevin S. Adelstein is publisher and CEO of the Cleveland Jewish News and president of the Cleveland Jewish Publication Company.


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