Stovsky is a doctor and a surgeon, specializing in urology. As a urologist, he spent his career primarily at University Hospitals and Cleveland Clinic.

At Cleveland Clinic, in addition to his urology practice, he served as senior director at Cleveland Clinic Ventures where, in 2013, he was instrumental in founding Cleveland Diagnostics, Inc. This venture-backed company focuses on the development of novel tests for cancer and other major medical conditions based on its proprietary Solvent Interaction Analysis technology platform. The company’s first commercial test is IsoPSA for prostate cancer early detection.

In the middle of medical school at Northwestern University in Chicago, Stovsky took time off to pick up an MBA. Since that time, he has juggled two side-by-side careers: one as a practicing surgeon and the other in the business of medicine and biomedical innovation. When he was at University Hospitals, one of his main research interests was cancer biomarkers and developing tests that could more accurately detect cancer.

After almost eight years combining active medical practice with the role of chief medical officer of Cleveland Diagnostics, having accomplished everything he had ever set out to do in academic medicine, Stovsky felt it was a good time for him to think about hanging up his surgeon’s shoes and putting his full effort into helping to lead the company. In 2020, he stepped away from practicing medicine at Cleveland Clinic and stepped into the C-suite full time as chief medical officer of Cleveland Diagnostics.

Stovsky cited the Talmudic saying, “To save a life is to save the world,” as he said it really applies to the world of cancer care and doctors that treat cancer patients. He said he enjoyed academic medicine, training and teaching resident physicians and medical students, and doing research. He also said he was “really happy that the research that I was interested in led to the creation of this high-performing company that God-willing is going to help patients around the world. As a doctor, you help patients one at a time, in the biomedical business you have the ability to help exponentially more patients”.

“The idea that this cool scientific idea turned into a company that could make a lasting impact on the early detection of cancer and other major medical conditions is really a satisfying thing to have done with your career,” Stovsky said.

Stovsky has participated in many service organizations. But the ones he is most satisfied with and most active with now are the American Friends of Magen David Adom – which is essentially the Israeli Red Cross – and Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem. Stovsky participates on the Cleveland Chapter Advisory Board of AFMDA and the Biomedical Innovation Advisory Board for Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

“It has really been a highlight of my life to be able to incorporate my love of Israel and my commitment to Judaism with my professional life and my business life,” Stovsky said.

But his most important life accomplishment, Stovsky said, is his family – his wife, Shannon, and his children, Adam, Jennifer and Jacob.

“I’m really nothing without them,” Stovsky said. “They’ve made everything in my career possible. The life of a surgeon is a very, very difficult life. A lot of tests of your character and a lot of getting pulled away from family things. So really, nothing I’ve done professionally or in business would have any meaning without them.”

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