BauerGriffith Law Firm and BG Consulting Group provide expert legal and business solutions to Northeast Ohio’s small business and nonprofit communities. We bring focused leadership and management skills, creative approaches to issues, and strong team-building skills to meet our clients’ needs.

Now more than ever, all types of organizations must ensure that plans are in place to fortify their workforces. We know that work environments with the lowest turnover are places where employees feel safe and enjoy excelling in their roles. Review your key hiring, training and performance evaluation practices to ensure you retain your well-trained workforce and support a stable, confident, high-performing team. Brand fortification is another key to success in today’s market. Customers trust consistency. When the dust settles, people will return to stable, familiar brands that deliver a dependable experience. Identify the most influential drivers of your brand experience to ensure you retain your loyal customers while attracting new ones. Fortification of your financial resources is a foundational need for any organization, and an objective analysis and financial forecasting can yield valued insight for sustainability in the face of future disruptions. Finally, be sure to strengthen your business interruption preparedness by designing and integrating contingency plans and policies to protect the finance, operations, personnel and brand equity domains of your enterprise.

Our team of legal, crisis communications, financial, leadership development and public health experts are focused on your needs, delivering services in a practical, timely and efficient manner to promote the growth and stability of your enterprise. Our goal is not only to solve problems, but also to help strengthen the entrepreneurial and service-oriented enterprises that fuel Northeast Ohio’s economic stability.

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