BG Consulting Group provides critical enterprise response to COVID-19. We have an enterprise-level suite of research and consulting services, providing strategic guidance and operational support to businesses impacted by COVID-19 and other large-scale disruptions. With senior consultants experienced in business management, finance, population health, strategic planning, crisis communications, talent management and stakeholder relations, BGCG serves private enterprise and nonprofit clients in various industries throughout the United States. 

Fortify the workforce

The viable work environments with the lowest turnover are places where employees feel safe and enjoy excelling in their jobs. We help you retain your well-trained workforce by reviewing your personnel structure, human resource and workplace policies and performance indicators to ensure a stable, high-performing, satisfied and confident workforce. 

Fortify the brand

Customers trust consistency. When the dust settles, people will return to stable, familiar brands that deliver a dependable experience. We identify the most influential drivers of the brand experience and integrate them with your updated stakeholder engagement strategies to ensure you retain your loyal customers while attracting new ones.

Fortify financial resources

Our objective perspective yields valuable insight through scenario planning and cash flow projections. We also assist with updating capital and investment relationships, as well as new opportunities, and provide mechanisms for sustainability in the face of future disruptions by creating clear financial analyses and forecasts.

Fortify against future crises

We strengthen your business interruption preparedness by designing and installing contingency plans for supply chain, staffing, finance and other operational areas.

BG Consulting Group’s nimble, value-added strategies are sequenced to help business leaders identify, understand and act upon the most salient and consequential information and priorities required to redirect and stabilize their organizations, at a depth and level of engagement appropriately tailored to each client’s needs.

Nancy Hancock Griffith


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