The emergence of COVID-19 is requiring that companies, such as Foundation Honda in Cleveland Heights, either close their doors or move at unprecedented speed to adapt so that we can serve our customers with quality while caring for our employees with compassion. The operational mentality has changed at the store, and processes along with it. Foundation Honda knows that we must go to the customer because the customer does not, or cannot, come to us. In addition to increased sanitizing and cleaning to maintaining social distancing, Foundation Honda is doing everything we can to keep our customers, employees and communities safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pick Up and Delivery for Sales and Service

Foundation Honda has expanded our pickup and delivery capabilities for both sales and service to keep customers and employees safe.

Expertly Sanitized

Personal, business and first-responder vehicles are necessary. They are also rolling havens for germs, bacteria and viruses. Foundation Honda has stepped up to provide our new expertly sanitized product. in less than an hour, the inside cabin of the vehicle will be treated to reduce exposure to potentially harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria to and improve the overall environmental hygiene.

“We are proud of how our service department and its staff has adjusted during this time,” said Richard Bertman, service director of Foundation Honda. “The staff has pulled together to accomplish great things. They are here every day to support our customers and those workers who still must get to their jobs in health care and other industries like that who depend on their vehicles. The team is disinfecting the cars before and after the test drives and disinfecting all the areas in service department. Therefore, customers worry less about coming into contact with our staff, store and vehicles.”

A Foundation for Accessibility

Foundation Honda has adjusted our hours but remains open at a full-service status to support all essential operations. We have allocated dedicated hours from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. for the elderly and vulnerable customers.

“We are reminding our customers and community that we are open for business and that there are multiple ways, such as a phone call, email or text message, to communicate with us.” said Roberto Diaz, general manager of Foundation Honda.

Robust Online Alternative

The website,, and internal processes have been revamped to support 100% buying, service scheduling and parts ordering online. A purchasing customer does not have to step into the store. Test drives can be scheduled online and the vehicle brought to the customer. Necessary maintenance, repair or recall work can be scheduled online too. The service department will pick up and deliver the customer’s vehicle. Parts can be ordered online and scheduled for delivery as well.

Social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, are being used as a cost-effective way to share information and talk with our local community and customers.

Doors are Still Open

Some habits are hard to break which means that some customers still want to go to the dealership. Foundation Honda welcomes them and prepares every day by doing, amongst other things, the activities below:

• Increased store cleanings

• Disinfect the dealership (high touch areas daily, and more often)

• Practice 6-foot social distancing

• Utilize signs, tape, face masks, gloves, steering wheel and seat covers

• Make hand sanitizer and sanitizing products available

Roberto Diaz, General Manager

Richard Bertman, Service Director

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