For years families, individuals and small businesses trusted the advice William provided for their health insurance needs. Whether it is to protect their children, their parents with Medicare, coverage for international travel or help to prevent financial hardship because of illness or accidents, William has the correct policies to fit their needs. 

William is authorized with most companies so you can customize your policies for what is best for you and your circumstances. As William will tell you, there is no one size fits all, everyone is unique. He always presents multiple options so you can decide what is best for you. He will show you what you qualify for, answer your questions and offer solutions that make sense.

Asked what makes you feel you are doing a good job and William just smiles points to a few folders he is working on and says, “referrals, the reward for competence, for making my customers’ lives better.”

Followed up, tell an example of a difference? He tells a story of a family that owned a small business and had a tight budget. Her sister was suffering from cancer and was worried about his dad. Met with his dad got him enrolled correctly with the Medicare plan that reduced his costs. Customized group of policies in their budget.

What happened to this family, well there was a serious illness and one of the policies paid thousands to them that covered medical, lost income and helped pay household bills. Their doctors were covered and prescriptions. And their son had an accident and a policy paid them that covered the costs. As I said they had a small business and with my knowledge placed life policies that were used as collateral on a loan that helped them expand their business. Without these policies this family may have lost their livelihood. For that I am proud and happy for them.

So it is not one size fits all. It’s a real family. Real life and William is here to help, whether it is a dental plan of full family protection. 

William I Grossman

Licensed Insurance Agent A13414


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