Holidays are often difficult times for my clients struggling with addiction or in recovery, under court orders to stay clean and working hard to do so. Enter 2020 and it’s as though addiction continues to be the epidemic within this pandemic.

The uncertainty and fear the coronavirus pandemic has brought upon has been emotionally difficult, with many having to spend more time alone than ever. When not around other people, it’s harder to deal with the pressure of these times and many are abusing drugs or alcohol in an effort to run away from it.

These holidays socially distanced away from loved ones has led to smaller or no gatherings, further intensifying the stress and isolation of those silently suffering right in our community. Drugs and alcohol are being used behind closed doors now more than ever before and offenses of driving under the influence are high.

I want to help. I’m a lawyer by trade, but I’m also a mother and member of this community. I care about my clients and their families.

I often get calls from loved ones of addicts charged with criminal offenses not knowing where to turn. I not only defend my clients, but also do my best to seek out resources and programs that could help their addiction or whatever underlying issues led to their alleged criminal behavior. “If they can strengthen their present, I want to work to protect their future.”

Please remember friends or family struggling with addition or in recovery this holiday season. Perhaps you could remotely offer non-judgmental support. Let’s beat the pandemic and the epidemic. And if legal defense is necessary, I’m just a call away.

Morgan R. Caruso, Esq.

Criminal Defense Attorney

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Cleveland, OH 44113


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