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When it comes to wine, the Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma County in Calif., has what it takes. 

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Do you like pristine white-sand beaches, turquoise blue water and gorgeous ocean sunsets? Do you dream about unwinding and experiencing a laid-back “island time” vacation? Do you enjoy good food with a water view? If so, you are in luck. The island paradise of Anna Maria Island in the Gulf o…

The 761 mile Rhine River has played a huge role in European history as it flows from the Swiss mountains to the North Sea. It is a major water and rail corridor, tourist attraction and home to medieval castles, battlefields, vineyards and commerce.

If you are looking for a European destination that is rich in history, splashed with eclectic architecture and vibrating with a dynamic nightlife, head for Berlin. If that’s not enough inducement, the German capital is also affordable and welcoming. 

Holland American Line was born to voyage. For nearly 145 years, they have been introducing guests to new places and new cultures, and witnessed firsthand the transformative power of travel, balance, depth and authenticity. These are the elements that bring Holland America Line to more than 5…

Copenhagen is a delightful destination for a European vacation. It is an endlessly-fascinating coastal city that is filled with striking architecture, both new and old, and an almost-endless panorama of attractions. It also boasts excellent cuisine, a lively jazz scene and picturesque canals…

If you are looking for a beautiful, prosperous and hospitable European country to visit, you should consider Sweden. It has a wonderful mixture of wide-open spaces, beautiful cities, beaches, rugged seacoasts, mountains, lakes, dense forests and distinctive culture.

Winter in Northeast Ohio is cold and blustery. Some say it comes too early and stays too long. But like all of the seasons we receive each year, winter has something special to offer as long as we embrace its gifts.   

If you are planning a trip to Europe, the easiest and best way to see that fascinating continent is to go by train and use the right rail pass that you have customized for your trip. Our latest European exploration took us by train around Sweden, Denmark and Germany, and it was delightful.