One way to “live in the green” is to avoid senior moments. You can do that by slowing your aging process, allowing you to “live in the green” for far longer.

We need an app for LIG, so we can monitor and hit the healthful targets for food choices and portion size, blood pressure, blood sugar, stress and inflammation levels, sleep, avoidance of toxins (such as tobacco, mercury and heavy metals, BPA and phthalate products, and particulates. Hitting those levels could be as easy as 10,000 steps a day to understand and see on your phone or wrist

We need that app so you can change your behavior, for others in society to change theirs, and for your society to be anyplace near as good as it is today.

It’s important to slow aging. I have long maintained that a breakthrough in one of the many areas of aging research might enable people to live to age 160 with a quality of life of someone far younger.

Ray Kurzweil, a noted futurist and artificial intelligence specialist at Google, spearheads the search engine company’s aging project. He has suggested that living to 160, with the quality of life of a 45-year-old, is now a probability.

So the reason for choosing to live healthier now (and with fewer senior moments) is both to promote our society’s vibrancy and as a direct benefit for you. “Aging defects in your cells happen exponentially, so staying 10 years younger slows aging deficits 30 fold,” I wrote years ago. “That’s why what you do today, including finishing this column and choosing to start or continue to stay young now is so important today to you… really important to your quality of life, maybe for many years.”

Stress is the greatest cause of senior moments. It causes running of connections in your hippocampus, and that decreases the size and capabilities of your memory center. And by monitoring your stress levels, and learning how to modulate them, you can hit the 10k a day of stress responses; you can “live in the green,” with a substantial decrease in the risk of cancer, stroke, heart attacks, wrinkles, impotence, senior moments, infections, and accidents.

Like last month (and every month’s column) we end with action steps that help you “live in the green.”

Buy two pedometers (so you’ll always have one), some great walking shoes, and find a walking buddy. Just start walking. You can do it.

Here are this month’s action steps:

• Sign up for an online wellness program.

• Practice deep breathing or your technique of choice every time a stress-provoking event pops up.

• Start using the LIG stress app on all phone calls and learn to shift toward “green.” These three choices will make senior moments less likely.

A beta version of the LIG stress app is available through It’s only open to Android users for now.

Dr. Michael Roizen is chief wellness officer and chair of the Wellness Institute at Cleveland Clinic. Follow him on Twitter @YoungDrMike.

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