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Healthy aging begins with a healthy lifestyle. Successful aging is within reach for many seniors. Senior living communities that focus on practicing the six dimensions of wellness are key to living a healthy lifestyle. Six dimensions of wellness – physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and environmental – can serve as a guide to enrichment and growth.

Here’s a look at the ways seniors can practice these every day in senior living communities.

Move naturally: Recreational activities that let people move naturally will nudge them into moving around without thinking about it. Communities that let seniors live their best lives include taking advantage of the community amenities, such as an indoor pool, golf simulator, fitness center or outdoor recreation areas like a pickleball court.

Have the right outlook: Seniors find their purpose by participating in daily social, cultural and recreational activities, like learning a new language or taking a painting class. They should also have access to a community theater, library and community rooms. These activities tie into the community’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social dimensions of wellness.

Eat wisely: Communities that can provide gourmet meals prepared by in-house chefs supervised by a registered dietitian help to ensure seniors make good meal choices. The community’s physical dimension of wellness ensures that seniors eat various healthy foods and control their meal portions.

Connect: One of the most important aspects of a senior living community is the ability for seniors to connect with those around them. A community’s social and spiritual dimensions of wellness can focus on having good communication skills, intimacy with others and a support network of family and friends.

Living safely: As we age, our homes become more dangerous. Hidden dangers such as steps, loose carpets or unlit hallways can suddenly become major problems. Senior living communities are equipped with personal alert systems and 24/7 care to respond quickly to health concerns at any hour. Senior living communities were among the first to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic to keep their community members well – physically and emotionally. With increased precautions and innovative distanced programming, individuals in senior living communities-maintained connections and stayed healthy.

Living in a safe environment with healthy habits can lead to longer, healthier lives where seniors can thrive.

Kim Wosotowsky is executive director of Anthology of Mayfield Heights.

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