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The Franklin County Court of Common Pleas upheld a preliminary injunction Nov. 22 requiring Fox’s Bagel & Deli to continue to abide by its existing agreement to purchase supplies, including bagels and other food, from Block’s Bagels until a hearing on the merits of an alleged breach of contract between the parties. The hearing will likely not take place until at least late 2023, according to court filings. In the meantime, Fox’s is planning to file objections to the decision with the presiding judge.

StoneWater customers can order its new fall cocktail, “Cleveland Spiked Apple Cider,” which consists of vodka, white wine, apple cider and spices.

Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb’s cereal, Chubb Crunch, is available once again at PLBSE.com and at Cleveland-area Heinen’s grocery stores.