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b.a.Sweetie Candy Company, a Cleveland-based wholesale seller of candy and other treats, has acquired Campbell’s Sweet Factory, a popcorn and sweets manufacturer.

While b.a.Sweetie has purchased all of the assets associated with Campbell’s and its retail locations, Jeff and Lynn Campbell will continue to manage the new Sweeties Campbell’s Popcorn Company for the near future.

b.a.Sweetie supplies over 250 wholesale customers with candy and popcorn to the grocery, convenience and specialty retail trade. It opened in 1950 and is housed in a 40,000-square-foot distribution center and retail store in Cleveland.

“We’re proud to add the Campbell’s products to our existing offerings and are excited to increase the distribution of the popcorn items to our existing wholesale customers” Tom Scheiman, president of b.a.Sweetie, said in a news release.

Campbell’s Sweet Factory opened in 2004 and operates a popcorn manufacturing and distribution facility in the Hildebrandt Building in Cleveland, a store and bakery in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, and two locations within the West Side Market in Cleveland.

“We’re excited to have the support and expertise of b.a.Sweetie to grow the Campbell’s brands and are confident more Northeast Ohio consumers will be pleased with enjoying our delicious products,” Jeff Campbell said in the release.

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