Birdigo, a chicken and custard concept created by Jay Leitson and Izzy Schachner of 56 Kitchen, and Michael DuBois and Adam Kemelhar of Imperial Wok, is expected to have its grand opening in March. Marc Glassman, Mike Fratello and Bob Reiner also helped create the concept.

According to a post by Leitson on the Solon Soundboard Facebook page, the restaurant at 32975 Aurora Road is under construction. Its website,, is also under construction and boasts “Get ready, something cool is coming,” as of March 3.

The menu will feature chicken – tenders, sandwiches and rotisserie-style – along with an assortment of sauces, sides and custard. It’ll operate as a test kitchen, with pickup and delivery only. Customers can order by telephone or online.

To receive up-to-date information on Birdigo’s opening, follow its Facebook page @BirdigoSolon.

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