Blu, the Restaurant, a new seafood concept restaurant by Brad Friedlander that opened July 13 in Beachwood, is going to the dogs – with a pet-friendly patio, that is.

Friedlander, president of the restaurant, said diners can expect the new attraction to open later this month. The patio will be outfitted with couches, fire hydrant and dog-themed decor, fencing and other decorations to match Blu’s urban and updated setting. This addition follows Blu’s announcement of its lunch hours from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily, which started on Sept. 9.

Friedlander is excited about the new patio opportunities.

“I’ve traveled a lot and in other cities, everyone brings their dogs to restaurants with them,” he said. “I found that when I had the regular patio for Moxie, people got offended when people had their dogs with them. And I personally love dogs, and I love taking my dogs to restaurants with me. So, I wanted to have that option here and bring that experience to Blu.”

Moxie was the name of the former restaurant at the location which closed April 27.

Friedlander went on to say he knows there are places on the west side that offer pet-friendly dining on regular patios, but he isn’t aware of other restaurants making their patios completely pet-themed and friendly.

“I’ve never seen one and I’m pretty well-traveled. If you don’t want to be by dogs, you don’t want to be on this patio,” he said, jokingly.

Friedlander said the experience will be perfect for people who want to swing by and enjoy the patio no matter the time of day – whether that’s an espresso in the afternoon or a cocktail at night. He added a dog-specific menu is in the works, with food for pets to enjoy.

“It’s another dining experience that these people can have, but they will be able to enjoy it with their pet,” he said.

During construction, Friedlander said his intuition was right when he received positive feedback from his customers

“I love dogs and I can’t say that enough,” he said. “I bring my dog to work every day. I have three and one is always with me. And that’s a sentiment my customers can relate to. The amount of feedback and interest I’ve gotten has been incredible.”

Additionally, Friedlander shared his other restaurant concept, Red, the Restaurant in Beachwood, will transition to his Italian concept, Rosso Italia.

“It’ll be the first location for this concept in Ohio,” he said. “Hopefully, that will all happen by the end of the year. The business has been great and it’s all exceeded expectations on every level. It’s an exciting time.”

Blu, the Restaurant is at 3355 Richmond Road.

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