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Bubby’s BBQ, a takeout barbecue spot, opened for takeout orders Feb. 3.

Operated out of Tibor’s Kosher Meats at 2185 S. Green Road in University Heights, Bubby’s BBQ offers an array of barbecued meats including, smoked ribs, chicken poppers, beef tips, wings, burgers and pastrami. It also offers schnitzel, loaded fries, fried cauliflower, fried mushrooms, chili, onion rings and Israeli salad. Sauces include spicy mayo, burger sauce, bbq sauce, garlic mayo, honey mustard and avvvee sauce. Desserts include s’mores and cookies.

Orders can be placed by telephone at 216-381-7615 or in the store.

To view the full menu, visit bit.ly/2M518EM.

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