Bull & Bird Steakhouse

Hyde Park Restaurant Group announced Bull & Bird Steakhouse as the new concept going into the former Gamekeepers Taverne location at 87 West St. in Chagrin Falls. The restaurant is slated to open mid-summer.

According to a press release, the restaurant will be a chef-inspired boutique steakhouse with European influences.

The exterior will feature a year-round covered patio, expanding the bar area from 24 to 64 seats, including a fireplace. Contrary to the original setup of isolated rooms, the interior will have an open floor plan and separate rooms for groups up to 30.

Hyde Park Restaurant Group operates 12 Hyde Park Steakhouses in four states, as well as Jekyll’s Kitchen in Chagrin Falls and ML Tavern in Moreland Hills and Black Point Steakhouse and Stack City Burger Bar in Columbus.

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