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Made-to-order tacos will be among the items available at Condado Tacos’ new Westlake location. 

Columbus-based Condado Tacos, which offers made-to-order tacos from a Scantron-style menu, is planning to open its second Cleveland-area location at Crocker Park in Westlake this year.

“Condado has been embraced by the community since debuting our first Cleveland-area location at Pinecrest in late 2018,” owner Joe Kahn said. “We love Cleveland and are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring even more tacos to the people when we open Crocker Park later this year.”

The Crocker Park location will share a building with a Michael Kors and will be near Starbucks, Lululemon Athletica, Lush Cosmetics, 3 Palms Pizza and Graeter’s Ice Cream. 

Like other Condado locations, the menu will feature items like its tequila lime steak, grilled chicken and BBQ-pulled jackfruit. Customers can choose their type of protein, cheeses, shells and salsa for their taco, bowl and nacho creations. 

Condado Tacos opened its first location in Columbus’ Short North neighborhood in 2014 and has locations in Pennsylvania and Indiana. The first Cleveland location opened at Pinecrest in Orange, a mixed-use development by Fairmount Properties, in November 2018.

The new location will be at 203 Market St. in Westlake. Crocker Park is a mixed-use development by Stark Enterprises.

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