Yours Truly Shaker Sqaure

After closing the Yours Truly Shaker Square location on July 6, new concepts have already been announced.

Headed by restaurateur Akin Affrica, two separate concepts will be operated out of the same space: the Cleveland Breakfast Club and the Cleveland Vegan Club. With the first offering breakfast, brunch and lunch service every day, the other concept will offer vegan foods for carry out and delivery in the evenings. The dual restaurant has a projected opening date of this fall.

In a Facebook post, restaurant leadership confirmed the purchase.

“Yep, I did it again,” Affrica said in the post. “On the 10 year anniversary of Zanzibar Soul Fusion, I purchased (the Yours Truly restaurant) at (Shaker Square) to bring in two new concepts. We will not let COVID-19 stop us. Social distancing will be in full effect until this is a memory. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, bottomless mimosas, patio seating and bringing you your favorites from (Sunshine Cafe) at Shaker Square.”

The menu will be full of breakfast, brunch and lunch items until 4 p.m., paired with alcoholic drinks. The secondary entrance of the Yours Truly space will be the door to Cleveland Vegan Club, operating as the brunch business closes for the day. That menu will feature smoothies, bowls, sandwiches and wraps.

Yours Truly Shaker Square closed due to the company’s conversations about branding and the direction of the company’s future ventures.

Affrica also operates Zanzibar Soul Fusion, Angie’s Soul Cafe and Sunshine Cafe, all in Cleveland. The new concepts will be at 13228 Shaker Square in Cleveland.

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