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EDWINS Butcher Shop is offering grill bundles to Northeast Ohio as the barbecue season has arrived. Available through the end of the summer, there are three bundles: burgers and hot dogs, steak and ribs.

The burgers and hot dogs bundle includes four patties, four brioche buns, four all beef hot dogs, a bottle of ketchup from Cleveland Ketchup Company and a bottle of Berman Original Ball Park Mustard. This bundle goes for $25.

The steak bundle includes two one-pound New York strip steaks, two one-pound rib eye steaks, some EDWINS signature rub and butter. This bundle is $70. Meat is USDA choice, but can be upgraded to prime for an additional $12.

The rib bundle includes three slabs of St. Louis ribs, some EDWINS house-made barbecue sauce, one quart of house-made coleslaw and one quart of house-made baked beans. This bundle goes for $45.

All meat is raw and prepared for takeaway, and is subject to availability.

Orders need to be placed 24 hours in advance at 216-417-1100. Pickup is available daily at the butcher shop.

EDWINS Butcher Shop is at 13024 Buckeye Road in Cleveland. For more information, visit edwinsbutchershop.org.

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