Bravo Bar

Fairmount Center for the Arts has partnered with Sweet Designs Chocolatier, based in Lakewood, to launch the “Bravo Bar.”

The chocolate bar, which is a 4-ounce solid bar, is in the shape of the comedy and tragedy masks which represent the art of a live theatre performance. According to a news release, Sweet Designs owner Ines Rehner decided to create the chocolate bar with 100% of the proceeds going to partnering arts organizations. Fairmount Center for the Arts is the first partner.

“Fairmount Center for the Arts is thrilled to be the first partner selected to be the recipient of the sales of the chocolate,” Jeannie Fleming-Gifford, executive director of Fairmount Center for the Arts, said in the release. “Chocolate paired with supporting the arts is a win/win. In a time when both small businesses and non-profits have been affected by the COVID-19 economy, this type of business partnership represents innovative thinking and moving both businesses forward. Fairmount is so grateful that Sweet Designs is sharing a quality product to help ensure the arts will remain a vibrant part of our community.”

The “Bravo Bar” can be purchased at Sweet Designs by curbside pick-up at 16100 Detroit Ave. in Cleveland, or online at

Fairmount Center for the Arts is in Russell Township.

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