Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce’s executive director Molly Gebler has accepted a position with The Chef Art Pour Restaurant Group as director of operations and marketing manager. Gebler served as the chamber’s executive director since 2013.

“My new position will allow me to work in the community that I love while continuing to support the Chagrin Valley Chamber and all the amazing local small businesses that I have worked alongside for over seven years,” Gebler said in a news release. “I will look forward to doing that, but in a different capacity. I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to lead the Chagrin Valley Chamber and proud at the work that we have accomplished. It has been my honor to support the 13 different communities that the Chamber serves. I have grown and developed as a leader and have established life-long friendships that I look forward to continuing.”

The chamber’s board of director’s executive committee has already started the planning process to find its next executive director.

“I am thrilled to work with The Chef Art Pour Restaurant Group and excited to support the project to bring back to life 87 West district and create an experience where community can gather and enjoy,” Gebler said. “I cannot wait to invite new friends from all over to discover what we already know about Chagrin Falls, that it is the best place in the world.”

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