High & Low Winery, which opened six years ago in Medina, opened a second location Nov. 5 at 12304 Mayfield Road in Cleveland’s Little Italy neighborhood.

Operated by Matt Snyder, High & Low Winery’s Medina stand alone location is larger – at 4,400 square feet with multiple floors. The new Little Italy location is leased, and has 3,000 square feet on a single floor. According to a cleveland.com article, the winery is split into two parts – high and low – with each side having distinct decor choices and drink offerings.

A private lounge is located at the back, with soft seating and an art-deco vibe. A covered patio accommodates 20 to 25 people, with the inside space seating up to 220.

For more information, visit searchhighandlow.com.

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