Honey Hut Ice Cream has announced reopening dates for its five locations in Northeast Ohio.

The Brecksville location at 7304 Chippewa Road opened March 1. The Brunswick location at 922 Pearl Road will open March 6. The Old Brooklyn location at 4674 State Road will open March 17. The Parma location at 6250 State Road will open March 30. The Solon location at 28300 Miles Road will be the last to open for the season on April 4.

Established in 1974, Honey Hut Ice Cream is a family-owned and -operated ice cream store, specializing in 13 regular flavors and rotating special flavors that change every two weeks. Currently available special flavors are honey graham, peanut butter brownie chunk and jamocha chocolate chip. Pistachio and German chocolate will be available later in the month.

For each location’s full menu and hours, visit gohoneyhut.com.

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