Mojo World Eats & Drink owner and chef Michael Herschman (copy)

Mojo World Eats & Drink owner and chef Michael Herschman

MOJO World Eats & Drink, 2196 Lee Road in Cleveland Heights, is now requiring proof of vaccination and asking that guests wear masks upon entering and moving throughout the restaurant.

This decision comes after the restaurant’s original reopening June 3 following pandemic-related shutdowns last year. At that time the restaurant required temperature checks for guests, disinfecting of soles of shoes, hand sanitation and socially-distanced dining tables. MOJO World Eats & Drink first opened Jan. 21, 2020, to replace the former Lopez on Lee, which closed on Dec. 31, 2019.

Chef and owner Michael Herschmann posted a statement to MOJO’s website explaining the decision, adding that masks are not required when seated at your table. Reservations are requested, avoiding parties larger than eight guests. Due to social distancing protocol, there are limited seats on the patio. Tables are only reserved for one and a half hours.

Another statement posted to the restaurant’s Facebook page said, “As the delta variant continues to spread throughout the unvaccinated public, we have made the decision to add showing proof of vaccination to enter MOJO as part of our industry-leading safety protocols. We take the health and well-being of our guests and staff seriously and will continue to do so until this pandemic of the unvaccinated is under control. We will continue to monitor this situation and follow the science as it relates to MOJO safety protocols moving forward. In the meantime wear a mask, be kind to others, and get vaccinated.”

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