A new concept will be taking the space left vacant by the closure of Brad Friedlander’s Rosso Italia – Cut 151.

Sharing a building with Friedlander’s other venture, Blu, the Restaurant, at 3355 Richmond Road in Beachwood, Cut 151 is planning for an August opening.

While the menu itself hasn’t been finalized yet, Friedlander said the concept will be very different from Rosso Italia.

“The vibe will be warm and sexy,” he told the Cleveland Jewish News June 15. “It’s going to be a very intimate restaurant.”

Rosso Italia opened in December 2019 and temporarily closed in March 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic began to impact the Ohio restaurant business. By mid-April of last year, Friedlander was planning to reopen both restaurants. But once Blu, the Restaurant announced its plans to reopen with a refreshed concept and new menu using the same name in April 2021, Friedlander told the CJN Rosso Italia was closed for good. Blu, the Restaurant opened for business on April 28.

“Rosso Italia opened with a bang and closed early due to COVID-19,” Friedlander said. “So, we’re changing it because if we reopened it now, we would not get the same ‘bang’ (response).”

The building that houses Blu, the Restaurant and Cut 151 used to be home to Friedlander’s former concepts: Red, the Steakhouse, which closed in October 2019, and Moxie, the Restaurant, which closed in April 2019.

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