Cleveland-based chef Doug Katz has opened his second ghost kitchen in Cleveland Heights.

Joining Chimi, a South American-inspired ghost kitchen which opened in June, Amba opened Nov. 6 in the same space. The new concept focuses on Indian-themed flavors and dishes. Both are curbside and takeout only – the reasoning behind the “ghost kitchen” title. Neither restaurant has dine-in capabilities.

The ghost kitchen’s name comes from a condiment – made of pickled mango – that is popular in many cultures. According to a report by Scene Magazine, Katz thought the name fit with the rest of his current offerings: Zhug, Chimi and Chutney B.

For more information about Amba’s offerings, call 216-650-9620.

Chimi and Amba share a space at 1975 Lee Road in Cleveland Heights.

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