Jekyll's Kitchen

Following the closure of Jekyll’s Kitchen in March, the ownership behind Hyde Park Restaurant Group and NCR Ventures entered into a unique partnership between two restaurant groups. Wanting to create a new restaurant in the Chagrin Falls space, the result is 17 River Street Grille. According to Rick Doody of NCR Ventures, the restaurant is still a few weeks away from opening depending on how construction proceeds.

“We got a little delayed because the (Chagrin Falls) city council wanted to vote on our outdoor patios and decks, so things sat idle on that project for about a month and a half,” Doody said. “But, the inside is coming together very nicely. We’re excited. I’ve built over 100 restaurants in my day and this one is definitely the most interesting. It’s all geared towards the waterfalls right outside our doors, and we built two more outdoor decks.”

With Doody behind restaurants like Cedar Creek Grille and Lindey’s Lake House, he added the new concept will be similar to the Cedar Creek Grille style, but will also hold its own with interesting offerings. The menu will be similar to the classic American grill, with items like burgers, pasta, steak, fish and sandwiches. The restaurant has plans to be open for lunch and dinner, with a happy hour.

“The menu is going to be about 60 to 65% Cedar Creek Grille, with 35-40% new items,” Doody said. “We’ve been working really hard on the menu and incorporating new ideas.”

But the changes don’t just end with 17 River Street Grille, he added.

“We’re also thinking about doing the downstairs as not just party rooms, but possibly a different concept itself,” Doody explained. “My wife is the interior designer, and her office is right across the street. She’s finishing the basement into a really cool potential speakeasy concept.”

So close to completion and opening, Doody expressed excitement to show the community the fruits of the team’s labor.

“It’s in a great area and the village (of Chagrin Falls) is very special,” he said. “We want to enhance the area, not take away from it in any way. Adding restaurants and nightlife in a positive way is a good thing, and we believe will enhance the landscape of the community.”

17 River Street Grille is at 17 River St. in Chagrin Falls.

Hyde Park Restaurant Group owns and manages 13 Hyde Park Prime Steakhouses in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Florida, as well as Bull & Bird Steakhouse in Chagrin Falls and ML Tavern in Moreland Hills. NCR Ventures owns and operates Lindey’s Lakehouse in Beachwood, Cleveland and Lakewood, and Cedar Creek Grille in Beachwood.

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