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The PDC Building’s PDC Cafe reopened Jan. 9 with new leadership, according to Joyce Weston, a representative from Properties Management Company, which manages the building. PDC Cafe temporarily closed Nov. 21, 2019, due to a change in leadership.

Selecting Marci Izeman to run the cafe along with a team member, who also runs the Village Diner in Orange, Weston said building leadership is pleased with its selection.

“Where we couldn’t possibly replace (the former management), we think we have found someone our tenants will be very pleased with,” Weston said. “The cafe is not only open to our tenants, but to other buildings in the surrounding area, or for that matter, anyone.”

Adding the base menu is “extensive,” Weston said there are daily specials that fall under soup, sandwiches and salad. On their opening day, the cafe offered its daily staple of chicken soup alongside meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

“I understand there will also be avocado toast and items attractive to vegetarians,” she added.

Following the business relationship the PDC Building and the former owners had over the course of nine years, Weston said she believes tenants will welcome Izeman and her team with excitement.

“We are excited, along with our tenants, to begin this new adventure,” Weston said.

PDC Cafe is at 3659 S. Green Road in Beachwood.

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